MEGA is Cloud Storage with Powerful Always-On Privacy

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Mega Ltd

MEGA offers private cloud storage and video chat functions to mobile users via end-to-end encryption.

This is an Android app that takes privacy seriously. It seamlessly integrates other chat interfaces and demonstrates compatibility with most file types. The development started as a browser extension in 2016 before evolving into a complete piece of mobile software.

Because all encryption and decryption processes occur on local devices, MEGA has no access to your confidential materials. This marks a significant change of pace compared to other purveyors of privacy.

Security is a key concern with MEGA, which means they do not even have the ability to reset your password. Thus, it is very easy to get locked out if you don’t back up your Recovery Key.

All free users who register are granted a sizable 50 GB of storage space. Furthermore, unlocking in-app achievements can lead to bonus room. Paid plans are provided as well, and users can receive a maximum of 16 TB with the PRO III subscription.

The ability to synchronize services across multiple devices allows for swift access to content from anywhere. Your MEGA cloud drive can be reached securely at all times.